About Us

Welcome to foreignbody.tv, this Lisa Comber an expert on travel and blogging. I write travel blogs to help people figure out how to travel well for less and show them where they’ll get the most adventure for their specific budget.

I write about the cheapest places to travel as well as great places to live abroad for less.

I am a travel writer first and foremost, also a professional photographer and artist. I have travelled the world numerous times and write about it with my backpack on.

This site will probably help you go amazing places and experience amazing things for less than you thought it had to cost you.

I’m not a fresh graduate out for my first trip around the world, so instead of newbie insight, you’ll get more than two decades of perspective. I created this travel writing blog to be able to connect and share with my online followers.

In my younger years, I worked a few photography gigs, hung out with friends while being photo editor in a large firm, lived in US and

Australia photo shooting tourist destinations, and have a house in Hawaii where that I share with my lovely daughter and supportive husband.