The Guide to Online Mastering

Published / by Foreignbody

Online mastering is a growing industry where musicians are able to directly work with a studio on mastering their projects through the use of the internet. With the advancement and improvement of technology, there are a lot of studios starting to offer online mastering service. But as an artist, there are still some steps we need to keep in mind when we decide to have our projects mastered online.

Step 1: Premastered Audio

Make sure your audio is near to its original form. Mastering is the process of applying a final process to your audio music to create a sound that is final and which you are willing your listeners to hear. You need to ensure that your audio file has not been compressed which creates less headroom for mastering. An engineer cannot bring out the tracks magic with highly specialized equipment without having enough headroom.

A few reminders before submitting your premastered file:

  1. Ensure no effects has been applied
  2. Keep your mix clean and dynamic
  3. Leave silence at the beginning and end of your audio

Step 2: Find A Studio

It is necessary to find a studio that specializes in online mastering. With all the online mastering appearing and being readily available on the internet, the service becomes very cheap. We all heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, this is true including online mastering services. It takes a lot to find the good ones as online mastering are everywhere.

Also, there are these new online mastering where everything is automated. It uses an artificial intelligence to learn from the audio file being mastered.

Unless you want quality masters from online mastering, it best to do some good research about the online mastering studio that you want to work with.

Step 3: Build a Connection

It is a good practice to talk to your studio engineer working on your masters. Conversations will help you share what you want and what you want your masters to sound like. It is important to be comfortable with your studio engineer as they will be working with your music. A great engineer will always consider what outcome the musician wants and applies his or her knowledge in mixing and mastering. It becomes a collaboration between the artist and the engineer. (read more here:

Always remember to pick up the phone and talk to your engineer. Building the relationship can go a long way for your current and future projects.

Step 4: Collaborate

Engaging with your studio is essential in bringing out the best outcome for your masterpiece. All you need to do is continuously check on the progress of your audio file. Don’t be shy to share your opinion but remember to respect the engineer’s input as well. They, on the other hand, are the expert in mastering. Remember that you need their help is the reason why you opted of choosing online mastering. Otherwise, it would be best to do your masters yourself if you are not willing to compromise.

Online mastering is emerging as a great way to develop a good sounding music. Just follow these simple guides and you will be producing great masters.